World Kindness Day: Five Ways we Promote Kindness Here at Oracle!

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On Wednesday 13th of November it is World Kindness Day! We believe that kindness is how we can rebuild, reconnect and rediscover ourselves. One of our brand values is ‘friendship in business’ – building  strong relationships with our colleagues and clients. We celebrate kindness in small ways every day at Oracle, and to celebrate this year’s #WorldKindnessDay we have shared our top five tips below:

  1. A Compliment Box – we have one of these in the office where we share and celebrate the things a colleague has done to make us feel happy or good about ourselves. The Oracle Compliment Box ensures that there is always a positive atmosphere around the office.
  2. Teamwork is a must at Oracle, offering to help out a co-worker is one act of kindness that can make someone’s day a lot better. Asking a colleague if they need help with a project or any other task helps to lighten the load when they have a lot on that week, we work as a team here at Oracle!
  3. Remember to be kind to yourself too, we are firm believers that to help others you must help yourself first! Treat yourself to your favourite lunch, set aside some time in the evening to pamper yourself, have a nice bath or read your favourite book put on a face mask and relax!
  4. Practising mindfulness is something that we encourage on a daily basis, simple mindfulness can make every interaction more productive. Our staff try to make more of an effort to calmly acknowledge and accept their thoughts and feelings throughout the day. We have a mindfulness jar containing top tips on how to use this in everyday practice.
  5. We have a reward system at Oracle where our CEO Caroline will choose someone who has worked particularly hard or achieved something outstanding that week. The Jar of Joy recipient will receive a voucher for a small gift such as lunch, make-up or a bottle of their favourite fizz!