What Is ChatGPT?

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I have spent the morning using ChatGPT (CGPT).  It is both incredible and frightening at the same time. CGPT is one of many Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools which can be used for writing, coding, graphic design, video game voiceovers, among other things and it is very simple. A bit like Google, you type what you are searching for ‘write a blog on influencer marketing’ and in less than 60 seconds it delivers just that – like I said, incredible.  The frightening bit comes from the ‘Godfather of AI’ Geoffrey Hinton who quit Google a few weeks ago and warned of the underestimated power the future of this technology could hold.

What is the value?  Will this replace human workers?

The latest YouGov B2B survey explores attitudes towards the technology among business decision-makers. By 42% to 16%, they think advancements in AI will be positive for their organisations – but there’s evidence to suggest that bigger companies are more keen on the technology than the rest.

Among large businesses – those with 250 employees or more – over three in five (63%) see AI as a good thing, with two in five (42%) medium sized business bosses – those with 50-249 employees – saying the same. Small businesses with 10-49 employees (32%) and micro businesses (20%) are less enthusiastic.

While it’s still early days for CGPT, from a PR industry perspective, AI isn’t, and many agencies already use AI powered chatbots to automate such tasks as media and social media monitoring.

So how does CGPT fit in?  It is certainly useful for generating ideas, providing summaries on a topic, or assisting in refining copy.  But while it can’t be solely relied upon to produce authentic copy, it can also be used to develop skills of those just starting out in their PR careers. Working in tandem with the technology and combining our creativity and expertise alongside it will allow us to continue to add value to our clients, generating ideas, building relationships and connect with audiences.

The bottom line?  We can only see what the future holds but for now, I would say it is a useful tool but not a replacement for an PR expert.