What Happens In A Crisis? Case study: Rendall & Rittner

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When you are running a business with multiple teams, locations and large numbers of staff, ensuring that your whole team understand your crisis communications process is a high priority.

It is also important as a business to understand that crisis management comes in many different forms with multiple platforms available to comment through including: social media channels, online and print publications, review sites, online petitions and various websites. Knowing what and where to raise requests within the company, what should be responded to, and who should respond, will help ensure a good response to any crisis situation within your business.

10 years ago, social media customer service was considered a novelty. Today, customers expect companies to monitor and respond to customer enquiries via their social media channels.

According to recent data, 70% of consumers call out brands on social to make other individuals aware of an issue.  74% of customers believe that if they take to social media to criticise a brand, this leads to better service. Therefore, quick responses to customer-related issues can help to reduce the number of potential complaints on social media.
We’ve been working with Rendall & Rittner for over ten years, providing them with crisis management support across all platforms. With a business which has expanded not just by numbers but by location, we suggested a crisis comms workshop to ensure employees are aware of crisis protocol and how we deal with a crisis, whether online or offline.  Over 240 members of their team including onsite staff, property and estate managers and customer care representatives attended the session. The key objectives of the workshop were to highlight what situations could be defined as a crisis, how to recognise if a situation could escalate into more of an issue, examples of good and bad crisis communications, and the process of responding on social media.


Catherine Orezzi, HR Director at Rendall & Rittner said:

“I found the session on crisis communication really useful. I thought the presentation was engaging and it was very real to the situations we face in property management. The steps were clear and the support and guidance that Oracle offered was well received.”


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