What do avocados and property have in common?

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Oracle’s press team have been making it their mission to get Avocados into the papers! But what does this have to do with property you may ask?

Well one client, Bellway Homes instructed us to survey over 2,000 consumers on their thoughts about house buying. It revealed many interesting stats, including one about the green fruit made popular by ‘hipsters’ and millennials as they slather it on their toast for breakfast.

Avocados and property were first mentioned together when an Australian property tycoon urged millennials to stop buying avocados on toast and expensive coffees in order to save for a deposit. However, Bellway’s survey found that 87% of Brits are not going to give up avocados on toast. In fact, they would rather continue to eat this breakfast staple than forfeit nights out (35%), an annual holiday (35%) and takeaways (30%).

Other interesting stats this survey reveals include:

  • One in five Brits think you need to earn £70k or more in order to buy a one-bedroom apartment in London
  • 4 Million Brits were 40 when they purchased their first home, despite many believing they would buy their first property at 32
  • 54% of Brits have no one to help them with a deposit

Oracle worked closely with Bellway, advising on what questions would create some great news fodder and worked in partnership with a well-known and trusted survey house. The Oracle team prepared a whitepaper based on the most interesting stats that the survey picked up, all to tie in with a Help to Buy event Bellway was hosting in London. Resulting in enough content to pitch out to journalists, proving great content for press coverage.

If you would like to find out more about running a survey with Oracle contact Emma Heaney on emma@oraclepr.co.uk for more information.