What A Lot of Work Experience

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Whilst school can provide a foundation for the knowledge and skills that people need when they head out into the big wide world of work, nothing really prepares you for the realities of a job like giving it a go for yourself. This summer, we have enjoyed welcoming five students to Oracle HQ to spend a week learning about all things PR!

Work experience at Oracle is much more than photocopying and making cups of tea (although these have their merits in a functioning office) but is about getting a real insight into the work that we do for our clients and experiencing what it is like working in an office environment. At the start of each week, as well as introducing the team and providing tours around the building, we also spoke to each of our students to see if there was anything that they were particularly keen to do or learn more about, allowing us to ensure that they got the most benefit from their experience.

For example, during her time with us, Rose told us that she had a keen interest in TV production and broadcast. Through our connections, we were able to give her the opportunity to go and watch a radio advert being produced as part of her work experience.

Speaking about her experience, Rose said: “I made my way from Epsom to Soho where the recording studio Soho Square studios is located. When I arrived, I met with Tim who invited me to come and watch the recording. Tim later introduced me to the voiceover actor for the advert. The process of recording and editing the advert was fascinating. Every intonation of the voice mattered, the pace, the volume. The advert, which was for Save the Children, was only to be 30 seconds long so the process only took around an hour. I was told that editing a short film, 20 minutes long maybe, would take months to edit and finish. After the advert was finished, Tim thanked me for coming and I headed home from the studios. I may have never got the chance to do something like this if The Oracle Group hadn’t found it for me so I am very grateful.”

Throughout the week, we included insight sessions with members of the team to explain different aspects of the job and opportunities to ask questions about Oracle, property PR or working life in general. This is combined with time to work and receive feedback on projects, campaigns, and tasks for our clients, whether coming up with new ideas, drafting content, or designing social media posts.

During her work experience, Nicole was able to get first-hand experience of the various services that we offer to our clients as she performed a range of tasks. Nicole comments: “My time at The Oracle Group was very insightful and I’m so glad I received the opportunity to have work experience with such an amazing group. They are a team of welcoming and inspiring women whose goals are to provide the best for their clients. I learnt more about the property marketing and about the social media management whilst also developing my creativity practising creating Instagram reels for one of their clients! Would recommend to others with the same interests to seek work experience with them.”

Each of the students that we worked with over the past few weeks has been a pleasure to work with and has produced some outstanding work. We wish them all the best for the future, whether they look to work in PR or transfer their skills elsewhere.