Week 4 of Lockdown – what effect are we having on the environment? Without realising it we are all helping…

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As we enter the fourth week of isolating, we started to think about how we have been adjusting to the time at home and the positive effect we are making on our environment.  Without realising it you will be too.

We have seen in the press and across social media the huge effect the lockdown is having on our planet with cleaner air, an aeroplane in the sky a rarity, the sight of dolphins swimming in the canals of Italy and views of the Himalayas that haven’t been seen for decades.  As the weeks pass by there can only be good news for the health of the Earth and the wildlife we share it with.

So, what have we, at Oracle, been doing in lockdown to clean up our own space?


Decluttering has resulted in

  • Bags of clothes/bedding for Charity
  • Items of furniture for recycling/furniture banks
  • Upcycling furniture and material


Shopping isn’t as easy as the usual weekly trip to the supermarket, we have all had to be far more creative to avoid unnecessary trips

 Sourced local butchers with delivery services

  • Reached out via social media for veg/fruit boxes from local farms, we have been amazed by the success of these and hope these continue
  • Used local high street grocers for other essentials


Paying more attention to what can be recycled

 Paper/cardboard/cereal boxes/egg boxes (which make great pots for seeds)

  • Glass – jars/bottles
  • Cans
  • Food Waste (some composted as below)
  • Garden Waste (below)



If you are lucky enough to have one, we are sure it has been well used in the last month.  The time has given many of us the opportunity to tackle the garden; the overgrown bushes, the beds that need a good weeding, and a few of us have even started to grow our own vegetables and herbs!

One of the team have built their own composter – the result means all garden and some food waste can now be composted and reused in time on the flower/vegetable beds.

SO, if you can relate to any of this, you too have been helping in your way towards making our environment a better one, let’s hope we all carry on what we are learning in this unusual time.