We came, we saw, we captured – The importance of event photography

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“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.” — Destin Sparks

Having a professional photographer attend a corporate event is one of the key elements to a successful function. Photos taken at your event will reflect your company to new and existing businesses and can help to portray your business in a good light. With a picture representing a thousand words, why wouldn’t you use photographs to showcase what you do in a good light?

Why a professional?

Whilst you can still get a good picture from a camera phone, having a professional take your photos will help you get the right desired photos that you can use on your website, marketing materials and social media platforms.


Whilst a professional will know what photos to take, provide them with a brief to ensure you do not miss out the important shots you need.

Some shots to consider:

  • Pre-event photos of the venue and set up
  • Focus on capturing brand logos within some photographs
  • Close up shots of the USPs of your event – entertainment, food, drink, goodie bags
  • A team photo as there may not be another chance to have everyone in the same place at once
  • General photos of customers, clients and employees enjoying the event
  • Full table shots
  • People enjoying the entertainment


Event photographs can be used well within your marketing material. Here are my top tips:

  1. Event photography can be shown on an event page on a website; or used within a news or blog post.
  2. Use your event photography within newsletters to show what you have been up to.
  3. Love a particular photo? Have it printed and framed onto the wall in an office or marketing suite.
  4. Taking up to date team photos and add them to your website on the about us page to help show the atmosphere of your company. Team photos can also be promoted on a careers page to showcase the happy working environment you’ve set for your employees.
  5. You can also use your professional new photos on social media platforms after your event as a recap for your guests and for those that did not attend.

Social Media Event Promotion

Don’t forget to tag as many attendees possible within your social media posts to increase the reach and engagement.

  • Facebook allows you to upload multiple photos into an album and tag people within each photograph. You can also mention and tag company names within the post itself.
  • Twitter is ideal for promoting an event with the use of hashtags and you can upload up to 4 photos at a time.
  • Instagram is a great place to upload your event photos where you can utilise the multi-post feature and hashtags to increase your post’s reach.

Let us help to tell your story, enquire with The Oracle Group about your professional event photography.