Upping your social media game: How do businesses benefit?

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If you’re one of those organisations who knows they should be doing more with their social media – or if in fact you are not doing any social media at all – we understand your dilemma. However, if you have the resources and a keen member of staff to help drive your social media, you’re off to a great start, and there’s no reason why you should not be reaping benefits of a visible online presence.  The challenge is trying to understand the ‘rules of engagement’ when it comes to each platform, as well as considering how to handle client or customer care issues, knowing what tone of language to use, where to put a hashtag (or, what is a hashtag?!), or who you should be following.

In reality, there are some great benefits to managing your social media ‘in-house’, which is why ensuring employees who are tweeting, posting, liking and engaging, are fully trained and have great knowledge about how to maximise each platform effectively. Skilled and knowledgeable employees using social media will be able to:

  1. Ensure that anyone communicating on behalf of the company represents the company and brand in a consistent and good light
  2. Engage key target audiences to create new business and relationships with new clientele and partners
  3. Increase brand awareness and give your business a voice online
  4. Represent themselves online in-line with business policies, ensuring that everyone knows how to represent themselves well and without risk to the business
  5. Respond to customer service enquiries quickly and give good service

Not sure on social? Why training helps:

If you are a business that is quite anxious about engaging on social media, ensuring that your team are fully trained in how to use, engage and respond through social media can help to put your mind at ease. Here are just a few benefits of investing in good training:

  1. Learn how to use social media for customer service
  2. Learn how to respond to both negative and positive comments
  3. Develop an effective strategy
  4. Build your brand awareness
  5. Measure your success
  6. Maximise your leads
  7. Learn new skills and ways to use new tools
  8. Focus and integrate your marketing strategy into campaigns
  9. Build better brand recognition and a consistent presence
  10. Find out the best ways to connect with your customers and build relationships

The Oracle Way

At the Oracle group, we always look at how we can help our clients achieve their own goals and objectives. Typically this means working with you.

We have developed two unique packages to allow you to benefit from our social media and digital marketing expertise, whilst maintaining control of your own social media content and platform management.

We understand that no-one is better placed than you to manage and populate your social media platforms, however, we also appreciate that the ‘rules of engagement’ on each platform can be tricky to understand.

As part of a six-month campaign, we work with your in-house team to review, analyse and develop your social media marketing strategy, allowing them to learn as they go and continue with the campaign confidently.


With so many people using social media in their everyday lives, there are some basics that you just don’t need to learn again, so it can be difficult when looking at social media training courses to decide what level to choose. However, with our new tailored training package, we will gauge the skillset of everyone in the team, review your social media accounts and set the level and choice of topics required to develop skills and enhance knowledge and understanding.

So if you think your social media needs a bit of a reboot, our team of social media gurus will be your guide to navigating your way to better engagement, more followers, original content, and successful strategies to ensure you get the most out of your social media presence.

If you’re interested in our social media services, please contact tara@oraclepr.co.uk.