Top tips for creating superb social content

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As everyone continues to embrace the digital world, we are finding that content plays a crucial role in achieving business. Social media allows you to cement your position as a go-to destination for your customers with effective content helping you build long term relationships with your audience. However, where do you start? Read on for our top tips for creating superb content…



Its all about the design 

When producing high quality creative assets to form your social platforms, it helps to know which software’s are top of their game. Companies such as Canva and Crello provides the user with a variety of tools including design/animation and presenting templates to help give the user a kickstart in their brand design.

You NEED structure

With a well-organised considered content plan will come filtered content, perfect for your targeted audience. It also helps to plan if your business uses multiple channels and needs real time content. Your business needs the time to grow and develop and with that comes a proper long-term strategy plan that matches each social platforms audience and your business objectives.

What does your audience want?

The first step to sharing informative content is to have a solid understanding of your chosen audience. To do this you will need to gather research and insight into your consumers wants and needs. Also known as content marketing, this strategy helps strengthen brand loyalty and customer experience ultimately leading to repeat business. Research is the key behind knowing what to share and what articles produce the best content. A top tip would be to evaluate any potential links that may get shared and check for creditability, accuracy, and audience appeal.

Creativity is key

With everyone and everything transitioning to digital during the pandemic, the need for more individual creative assets soared with businesses using a variety of marketing tactics such as videos, animations, pictures, gifs and livestreams to up their engagement. This pushed a lot of online brands into upping their game to try and optimise each campaign reach to fit the ever-changing social worlds.

Our top tip for businesses is to be as creative as possible across their social platforms is to use a variety of media and ensure that they are following the latest trends. Having a broad creative portfolio that’s constantly updated helps to prevent ad fatigue and reduces inconsistencies when replacing creatives with decreasing performance.

Spark strong emotions

Creating a meaningful connection with your audience involves using emotional narrative in your content. Emotional narrative can be a tricky one to get right as it involves specific visual hooks to keep the audience emotionally invested and, therefore, willing to respond. You can do this by considering your reader’s needs, this involves determining the core of the post and choosing the right genre. Another option could be to inject personality into your copy and making the content more personable.

The power of #ThrowbackThursday

Social platforms utilise the power of a good throwback, especially with the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday becoming a national statement and opportunity for content marketers. The key to creating a positive glow of nostalgia is to use triggers. This involves researching your target demographic and then implementing these cues. A good example could be throwing it back to the 80’s if you know that your target audience is slightly older.




Offer incentives/ contests

Incentives, giveaways, and contests can help boost your social presence as they encourage more interaction from your followers. There is not much that compares to the excitement customers get when they win something, and it can be a great way for your brand to stand out from the crowd.

Why you should be trendspotting

Social marketers have quickly discovered the importance of trendspotting on social media as the social algorithms are constantly changing the social landscape. Marketers and brands who were early adopters of TikTok represent an example of effective trendspotting.

Inject humour into each post where needed

Humour can be a really great way to reveal the story behind your brand – basically, the human side of your brand. If you manage to do that with some clever humour, people will enjoy getting to know you while also having a good laugh on the side.

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