There’s no better place than face-to-face

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While there will always be a place for attracting and engaging with potential new leads through digital platforms, its face-to-face communication which still proves to be one of the most successful methods of marketing.

Connecting with people offline is a much more efficient way of networking and you can make much quicker progress. Talking face-to-face allows you to receive immediate feedback on what you say and quickly respond to any questions. It gives you the opportunity to gain common ground, share knowledge and experiences and build relationships in a way that digital conversations just can’t match.

At a recent event Oracle organised on behalf of clients Storey Homes, hundreds of Bedford residents turned up to celebrate the unveiling of a commemorative plaque at the sports ground which was founded by Bedford Physical Training College. Managing Director of Storey Homes, Katy Jordan comments: “It has been very rewarding being able to revitalise this land and give it back to the community ensuring it will return to being a local asset. We were pleased to welcome a large number of residents to the site at the weekend who saw for themselves the benefits, particularly as we head towards the spring”.

Holding an event can be an extraordinarily cost-effective way of getting your message across to key opinion-formers. Over the last seven years, Oracle has planned, managed and implemented many corporate, community and stakeholder events held specifically to engage local residents and promote new homes. The majority of these have resulted in generating new enquiries that result in reservations / sales.

Together, the events team brings over 20 years combined experience of event management, providing clients with confidence that an event can be delivered on time and on budget! For further information contact our events team on to discuss your requirements.