The world doesn’t stop. It just needs to be more creative!

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Surely, we can’t all just sit at home and wait for the world to end, can we?  This was the conversation that took place in our office.  To which I replied, the world doesn’t stop, it just needs to be more creative!  That’s exactly what we are planning at Oracle.

We understand the nervousness around the property market and indeed the global economy, so it is our responsibility to keep going!  Many have likened this current situation to the Christmas period.  And what happens then?  Social media, online shopping and online property viewing goes through the roof.  Circumstance doesn’t suddenly change.  People still need to upsize / downsize / divorce (perhaps more so after they have spent two weeks isolated together).  So, here is our guide to help keep the world moving:

  • As people spend more time at home, Digital PR will come into its own over the next few months.  Consider reviewing your digital strategy to ensure you don’t miss any opportunity
  • Look at your social content, is it engaging?  People can’t get to site so are you using the best photos to showcase your development?
  • Video is essential.  If traffic to site is slowing, take a video tour on your Iphone and share across your social channels.
  • Calls, calls, calls!  Make those sales calls, especially on a Friday when working from home is more likely.
  • Small businesses are under threat, take the time to re-consider social influences / business partnerships, you may find you get a better deal!
  • Site events might be axed but have you tried online events?  Invite people to view a live tour of a show home unveiling
  • Customer service couldn’t be more important at this moment in time.  Make sure all those going through the sales process are kept up to date and feel supported during this time
  • Review your social advertising messaging.  What, at this moment in time, is going to engage your audience, think outside the traditional messaging.

All in all, keep moving, keep motivated and most of all keep mindful.  If you would like to discuss any of the above further, please do email and I would be delighted to reassure you the world is not going to stop or end and what you can do about it.