The Power of a Podcast

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Podcasts are booming in the UK.  They’ve become part of pop-culture, making commuting, doing the ironing and trips to the gym more bearable.  Whilst early adopters were in their late 20’s/early 30’s, all age groups are getting on board now.

Essentially, anyone can record a podcast.  Voice recorder apps and editing software mean there are 1000’s of armchair broadcasters demonstrating their talents through the airwaves.  Find a niche and add a twist seems to be the general rule of thumb when creating a series.  Whilst they are a lot of fun, they do take commitment, which makes it a huge ask for a client.  However, there are other ways for brands and businesses to piggyback on the podcasting trend.

One way for clients to include podcasts in their marketing strategy is to sponsor one that resonates with their target audience.  Listeners are loyal and attentive, so it’s a great way to reach them.  Also, seeking out existing podcasters in your brand or client’s sector is a great way to find out what else is going on in the industry. Approach the editors in the same way as a media outlet; there may be opportunities to feature a relevant spokesperson as a guest. However, do not make this a sales tool. Podcast listeners love a good story.  Think really entertaining radio show and make sure you are adding to the fun with meaningful words of wisdom and bundles of personality.

Like any activity, podcasts should be considered as part of a wider PR strategy.  Recently, we engaged for the first time with the world of Podcasts and went the whole hogg – actually recording one for a client.  As part of our work with The Medial People for Shared Ownership Week, our work featured TV presenter AJ Odudu and we included a podcast as part of the campaign.  We were able to work with one of our media partners, Metro, to gain access to Podcast producers Entale, a new podcast platform, who facilitated the recording and distribution of the programme. This partnership meant we could also secure pre-promotional support for the podcast in the paper and online. With a spot-on medium and publication to reach our target audience, a story to tell and the process of create, record, publish and most importantly, get people to listen, all sewn up, everything fell into place.

With a fun, engaging and down-to-earth guest, plus a really interesting topic; the sacrifices, disappointments, challenges and joys of her personal journey onto the property ladder, the programme made entertaining listening.  Available on the Entale app, Spotify and Apple, you can listen to the Shared Ownership Week podcast with AJ Odudu here: