The Oracle Group Celebrates 10 Years of PRCA CMS Accreditation

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For the tenth consecutive year, the PRCA (Public Relations and Communications Association), the world’s largest and most influential PR professional body, has accredited The Oracle Group with CMS (Communications Management Standard), a beacon of excellence providing a robust framework for PR practitioners worldwide.

Designed to help organisations achieve and maintain high standards of performance, transparency and accountability in their public relations and communication activities, the PRCA CMS Standard is a mark of quality and professionalism.  With an emphasis on ethical practices, it encourages a culture of continuous improvement and industry collaboration, to ensure organisations stay ahead of industry trends and deliver exceptional results.

PRCA CEO James Hewes comments: “Congratulations to Oracle for securing the CMS and Gold CMS Award for the 10th time. The assessment highlighted their ongoing commitment to excellence, with a strong focus on personal development plans and diverse training options for the team. The organisation follows a shared route map for business planning and has clear guidance on managing client assets and IT policies. Protective measures are in place to ensure the security of client materials, including safeguards against copyright infringement, along with the use of virus protection software and secure online platforms.”

Our Chairman, Caroline Coskry, comments: “Over the past 10 years, the communications landscape has witnessed unprecedented changes, driven by technological advancements and shifts in consumer behaviour. Our success in achieving the PRCA CMS Standard throughout this period demonstrates our adaptability and ability to address new challenges and opportunities to provide a high-quality, professional service to our clients, whilst ensuring our staff receive excellent training to help them flourish and grow.”

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