The Oracle A – Z of 2020 news

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Because who doesn’t love a review of the year’s headlines, right?!

No editor could have predicted 2020’s major news story.  March was the month that changed everything.  It knocked us all sideways and the stories hitting the headlines throughout the year reflect this.  For a year where we have mostly stayed indoors, the press has been kept seriously busy and the ‘C’ word has provided a once in a lifetime catalyst for endless news angles which will go down in history.  Here we’ve created an A-Z of 2020’s news, rounding up the biggest media stories in the news and property pages.

A is for American Election – We were all glued!

B is for bricks and mortar – Once we were released from the first lockdown in the summer, the housing market surged, as people re-evaluated their lives after weeks of being confined to their homes.

C is for Captain Tom – He melted the nation’s hearts and made the headlines for weeks.  Again, we were all glued!

D is for Diana – She might not be with us anymore, but her beautiful face was once again all over the front pages following questions around the credibility of her most famous TV interview.

E is for essential workers – The plight of essential workers was well covered in the press and the Thursday night clap where we all showed our gratitude became the highlight of the week during lockdown number 1.

F is for Furlough – A term that we had never heard of and quite frankly can’t wait to see the back of.

G is for Green – As in Phillip Green.  On his £100 million super-yacht in Monaco whilst 13,000 employees lost their jobs.  Speechless.

H is for home – Home office, home schooling, home love, home fatigue – all supplying content for the news in general, the home supplements and countless surveys.

I is for Incentives – The press had their work cut out here.  There was Eat Out to Help Out, the stamp duty holiday and the new Help to Buy Scheme to announce, explain and dissect.

J is for Joe Wicks and Joe Exotic – We couldn’t decide between the two.  They both kept us going during lockdown and the former probably received the most press coverage award for 2020.

K is for Kamala Harris – Hooray for the first female, black and Indian American vice president!

L is for lockdown – Whether it was about Dominic Cummins breaking his own rules, celebs flouting them or illegal raves ignoring them, lockdown provided the press with endless headlines.

M is for Megxit – Yes, we’d forgotten about this too!  We all went from shock and grief (who doesn’t love Harry?) to not really caring in the space of a couple of weeks.

N is for NHS – From the businesses delivering their lunches to the extraordinary lengths they went to keeping us all safe, the brave health workers on the front line are without a doubt the heroes of 2020.

O is for organic – All this this spare time has led is to re-evaluate our eating habits and even have a stab at growing our own and the home pages were full of advice.

P is for Paul Mescal – The star of BBC3’s small screen triumph Normal People provided us with much needed escapism.  Hands up if you considered buying your partner a thin silver chain and applying to Trinity!

Q is for queues – Outside supermarkets during lockdown and then outside Primark once it was lifted.

R is for Rishi Sunak – The Chancellor of the Exchequer definitely received the most airtime in 2020.

S is for Selling Sunset – Dream properties overlooking LA, non-stop drama and a brilliant villain, this show provided the escapism we all needed.

Tony Pidgley – Very sadly, our sector lost one of its best.  An industry icon and extremely talented developer, Tony will be sorely missed but his legacy will live on through the businesses and homes he built.

U is for universities – What with the A level results fiasco and news of students breaking the rules in September, universities received a lot of attention this year.

V is for vaccine – Come on!

W is for West End – Oh how we have missed live theatre!

X is for Xmas – Well, what there is left of it.

Y is for yoga – We’ve all needed some zen.

Z is for Zoom – Zoom quizzes, Zoom dinner parties, Zoom meetings, Zoom singalongs etc, etc.  The sanity saving app even has its own weekly TV news spot, aiding the press and the public to ask Boris questions during the Downing Street government briefings.

Have a wonderful break one and all and see you in 2021, when hopefully the press will have something else to write about!