The Guardian Angels bringing an end to placehacking

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Live-in Guardians

The Oracle Group recently started working with Live-in Guardians, to help the firm raise awareness of its property guardianship services to property owners and developers. The company places carefully selected and pre-vetted guardians into vulnerable empty properties in order for the building owners to save on the cost of traditional security services and on business rates – recently saving one company £1 million in a year.

Founder and managing director of Live-in Guardians, Arthur Duke said: “I started Live-in Guardians because I felt there was a need for a company to provide a commercial solution for the owners of empty properties while assisting younger people to find affordable, cost effective ways of living in London.”

For Guardians, the savings are great – paying anything from £300-£900 per month depending on the location within Zones 1 – 3 in London, considerably cheaper than renting on the open market and allowing them to save for their own property.

Recently, renowned property journalist, Ginetta Vendrickas, found this out for herself, when we invited her to join us for a site tour, with Live-in Guardians and developer Telford Homes on its Cambridge Heath site in Bethnal Green. Set to be transformed into apartments and commercial space, the former Tower Hamlets Council and Electricity Board office is now being looked after by property guardians.

Ginetta met up with Live-in Guardian’s Danny Schindler, Chief Operating Officer and Telford’s David Diggons, Contracts Manager, to find out about life as a Guardian and the plans for the space. Ginetta, who writes for the Evening Standard and Show House, comments: “I was amazed by the tour with Live-in Guardians. Like many people, I was at first sceptical about people being forced into guardianship as they have few other options. However, the tour and in-depth conversations I subsequently had with guardians persuaded me otherwise; this is a great use of empty buildings, as long as a reputable company such as Live-in Guardians is involved.

“The bedrooms I saw were much bigger than my own and a lot closer to the tube! I was so impressed I’d actually consider becoming a guardian myself, at some point.

“I was inspired by hearing stories of how having a low rent gives guardians many opportunities to change career, live in unusual buildings and often in prime locations and of the camaraderie that typically arises in this kind of living scenario.”

Oracle believes journalist briefings and site visits like this are important to help journalists meet and speak to the right people, as well as experiencing a site, development or area for themselves. With our extensive network of media contacts, this is just one of the many things we can facilitate as PR experts.

If you’re keen on seeing what Live-in Guardians can do for you or want to hold a journalist event at your development contact us now.