Supporting Our Local Woodland

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We have recently donated to the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, to support its mission to create a world where woods and trees thrive for people and nature. Our donation provided half an acre of land for the Trust which will see new trees planted, existing greenery nurtured and beautiful areas created for all to enjoy.

Our local Woodland Trust site is Langley Vale Wood which is a beautiful area with saplings, rolling fields and spectacular views where you can see the famous Epsom Downs racecourse and just make out London’s city line on a clear day. Many of our Oracle team members enjoy visiting the woods with their families (and furry friends) so helping this incredible organisation continue their protection and conservation work was a pleasure.

Zoe Murzell, Emma Holden and Bethan Millett visited the woods recently to wander around the lovely site and get some fresh air before they started their day in the office. The largest of the four First World War Centenary Woods, Langley Vale Wood has pockets of ancient woodland as well as diverse and fascinating wildlife. In 2019, an emotive memorial, ‘The Regiment of Trees’, was created to commemorate Lord Kitchener’s arrival at the site, one of the most well-known local wartime stories. The striking monument includes multiple life-size stone soldiers and a remarkable carved wood sculpture made of 35 pieces of oak, each about six metres high, with extracts from seven wartime poems etched into them.

At The Oracle Group, we prioritise fulfilling our ESG commitments and spend a lot of time ensuring we do as much as we can for the environment and local community. It has been wonderful to support a local charity who do so much for the natural neighbourhood, and we hope our donation will help maintain the woods’ brilliance.