Social Media Trends for the Property Industry

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After attending a recent ‘Social Media Trends 2024’ webinar by our friends over at Favola, it got us thinking about how this impacts our world of property.

We highlight our top takeaways and our thoughts on how our industry can capitalise on these trends to influence PR and social strategies.

Increase use of AI

Claudia Wright, senior social media manager at Favola, opened the webinar with examples of brands jumping on the AI trend in the past year, including fashion brand Jacquemus and its ‘Giant Bag’ stunt in Paris.

The campaign seemed to show their designer bags roaming across Paris like cars. Not only cost-effective to create, but engagement spiked as users commented on whether this was indeed real, drawing similarities to the ‘Is it cake?’ trend on social media.

Image Source: Papermag

For our property clients, developments could be ‘sliced’ into much the same way, discovering it is cake inside! We could also harness CGI to edit properties into spontaneous locations across the world, sparking the ‘Is it real?’ conversations.

Although AI has its advantages, an important point raised by the Favola team was that currently, AI cannot create what we haven’t already created in person. So, creativity still stems from people (and no risk of us working marketers just yet!).

TikTok as a search

The platform once proved popular during lockdown for copying dance trends has since become the number one search engine, particularly for Gen Z, illustrating the growth and potential for PR ideas.

We use TikTok’s search bar to influence social media content for our clients through popular video suggestions or keywords. For example, the popular search term ‘Newest homes in London’ can inspire us to provide matching content. It’s about creating content that directly responds to what people are searching on social.

With its capability as a search platform, the webinar enforced the importance of SEO in all content. Our clients should be using keywords in-app voiceovers, text overlays as well as text captions to maximise reach and engagement.

UGC creators

The webinar got us thinking more about content creation which is key to successful social media management.

As part of our social media management offering for clients, we are always looking for innovative ways to produce interesting and fun social media posts and believe user-generated content (UGC), content created directly by consumers or through creators (CGC), is an interesting proposition.

This could be a resident’s tour of their new home, a video explaining how they decorated their freshly plastered walls or promoting a homeowner’s nearby restaurant. Creators can also be hired to capture fresh content on or near developments across the UK.

According to the latest search logistics statistics, brands that utilise UGC have seen 29% higher conversion rates and 50% more engagement.

While being more cost-effective than traditional ads, UGC with its unfiltered approach also offers better authenticity through real customer experiences which leads to increased engagement.

User-generated content can also be prompted by a brand-led hashtag to encourage users to post their photos.

By leveraging the power of UGC videos – either directly through customers or leveraging content creators – our property clients can create a more authentic and engaging brand experience, while also improving their SEO and increasing website traffic.

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Blog written by intern Kit Farino.