SEO & PR Go Hand-in-Hand: Online PR

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With one common objective, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), content marketing, and PR all aim to place relevant content in front of target audiences at the optimum times.

Whilst optimisation techniques can help to improve your website’s search visibility, building authority to your website is the key to getting your website ranking higher than your competitors for relevant keyword terms in search engines. To build authority to your website, you are looking to gain links back from high authoritative domains. These tend to be news websites such as The Daily Mail, Sunday Times and The Telegraph, school and university websites, or domains that offer useful and relevant information targeted towards specific audiences. To check domain authority, there are lots of tools you can use that will help determine if an article placement is worthwhile.

PR and SEO frequently meet when an earned-media placement on a website contains a link to a client’s website. Whilst PR is about message placement and audience influencing, it is a good way to accumulate links. This is why integrating your SEO and PR campaigns together is a great opportunity to improve website rankings and audience interest.

Links are really important as they are used by search engines to find new web pages, but also to understand how important or relevant a web page might be for a particular search query.

Things to keep in mind when gaining new links from other domains:

Natural Links

Google has regular updates that affect a website’s rankings if there are un-natural or forced links back to a website. Most people when sharing links, either use URLs or brand names when linking back to a website. With a brand name being really important (as Google can recognise brands across the web) these are some of the best links you can get back to your website.


When you gain new links to a website, consider the website you want the link from. The more relevant the website is to your industry or customers, the more valuable the link will be. Consider more local news websites, or even industry specific ones and look to achieve more online coverage. Your content will then not only be more valuable for search engines but users as well.

Blogs & Articles

Excessive linking within an article is not a good practice to follow for optimising your content. Only add links when they make sense and are useful from a user’s perspective.

Share & Amplify Content

Creating content can be a lot of work, so it is important that any news and relevant information you create is made to work well. This can be achieved in many ways, but integrating your marketing campaigns can be very useful here. From a press release, a piece of research, an event or news post, you can create blog posts, infographics and videos that can then be shared across social channels, on news websites and other media placements.

SEO is no longer a ‘stand-alone’ service. Whilst there will always be a technical aspect to search engine optimisation, the roles of social media, content, and PR are becoming more significant when it comes to search engine optimisation.


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