The Importance of Good Storytelling

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Public Relations creates a narrative that shares a brand’s story with current and future customers, employees and the media. However, driven by sales and investments, the property sector tends to overlook the power of good storytelling. Developers/ builders can fall short when it comes to connecting on an emotional level with their audiences. This means they can miss the opportunity to make authentic connections and build trust with their audience and the media.

Real stories humanise brands and products and for obvious reasons, homebuying has the potential to share a never-ending supply. People buy into people, not products, and there is a clear role for this marketing tool in both consumer and B2B property marketing plans.

The role of PR is to make sure there’s a clear strategy behind each piece of content and this applies to every storytelling tactic. With buyer case studies, we liaise with clients to create an overall plan that maximises them by shining a light on the human element and the themes the press is looking for, shaped around their brand values.

In terms of brand marketing, we also find ways to use case studies to tell an overall story, using additional marketing tactics, not just traditional media placement.

For example, we’ve created a series for a client, which is coming soon, and has been curated to combat a clear stumbling block using real stories. Hosted by a property influencer, this content aims to build confidence amongst potential first-time buyers who might be feeling nervous in the current climate. It catches up with buyers who have lived in their shared ownership homes for a year or more and asks honest questions about their bills, the reality of buying with the scheme and how they feel about their decision now they’ve owned their home for a longer period. The content is relatable and human. Watch this space for more details on this!

Another recent project which gave us a dream story to tell was our client By Design’s new listing in Lincolnshire. Handing us a compelling narrative on a plate, this particular home inspired Watership Down and this helped us nail Property of The Week in The Times’ Bricks and Mortar supplement.

A survey/research piece also needs to tell a story if it’s going to connect with an audience and again this is where a considered PR strategy is key. Similarly, with the right creative behind it and clear messaging, placemaking has a wealth of marketing legs when it comes to effective storytelling.

Successful storytelling brings in real people, whether employees, business owners, or customers. It needs to provoke an emotional response.

A good place to start is; instead of ‘what’ think about the ‘why’. This will encourage the listeners/viewers/readers imagination, enable them to visualise and ultimately activate their mind into making a decision.

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