PR and Social Media go hand in hand

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Social media marketing has increased dramatically in recent years with millions of people sharing all sorts of media and content online. When you think about your social media campaigns, they might include Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn – but do you think about how this connects with PR? By streamlining your PR strategy with your social media content strategy, you will strengthen the key messages you push out and increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

So, why do PR and social media go hand in hand?

  1. It helps to amplify your message

Publishing content such as news releases, case studies, and other PR related media on social channels can make it live longer, spread faster and reach further. Not only that, but by posting your news out directly, you are also cutting out the third party and offering your messages directly to those who are interested in what you have to say.


  1. It is a faster method for receiving daily news

With daily updates, instant messages and the ability to follow hashtags and companies on most social media platforms, social media is a really easy way for users to consume their daily news. Social media, with its real-time messaging, helps to magnify your message quicker to specific audiences, allowing your PR story to become more impactful. Breaking news and live coverage of news stories all over the world are more easily shared on social media too, making it a faster way of getting your story known.


  1. You can measure the reach of your campaign

Social media is easily measured with a range of tools to pull your data for you. Using insights, you can learn how many people you have reached, how many impressions of your brand there have been, or how many times a specific hashtag has been used. Other third-party platforms such as Google My Business can also help to show the impact of a campaign on your website and any leads that came from your content.


  1. You can connect with stakeholders, customers and influencers

Another great aspect of social media is that you can reach your target audience, find customers and use influencers to help you push out your content and key messages. Most influencers build up a following on one social platform or other, creating an audience that trusts their opinion and have similar interests in what is being posted. When you have a presence on a social media platform, you can use influencers and your customers to promote your brand and push their followers to your profile, resulting in more engagement on posts and a higher following.

  1. It increases traffic to your website

One of the best features on social media is the ability to share links in posts, either to your website, or to other websites, so you can easily share relevant content to your audience that will drive more traffic back to your website.


  1. PR and social content help build authority to your website – great for SEO

Search engines such as Google and Bing consider if you have an online social media presence when they generate search results. Not only that, but posting links to your content also helps to build authority to your website, which in return helps your website rank well in search. Therefore, generating PR content and pushing it out via your social media channels will help give you a little boost in search too, meaning more potential people will find your website.

The key to combining PR and social media is developing a good content strategy and cross-promoting the content across all your marketing efforts. If you are interested in an integrated social media proposal, get in touch with today.