Part 1: Creative Ways to Reach Your Audience Digitally

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It’s time to think about what you aren’t doing online and what you could be doing to reach your target audiences. Here are some ideas and tips on a variety of digital marketing methods that can help you drive new leads and sales.  

Create an Innovative Social Media Presence

Each social media channel has its own pros for reaching specific types of audience. Here are some ways you can utilise social channels to your advantage:

  1. Targeted Ad Campaign: The majority of social media channels allow you to advertise to your audience. LinkedIn and Twitter can target more B2B audiences, and Facebook and Instagram can target your everyday consumers. The targeting available in each platform is also quite advanced, meaning that you can target a specific user by their age, location and interest. If you have not yet explored Facebook advertising, this is a great way of creating brand awareness in your local area and targeting a variety of audience groups with your content, offer or product.
  2. Live Post: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube all allow you to post video content live. This makes them great platforms for showcasing your staff and team members, set up industry news interviews and panel discussions, and share pre-recorded video of show homes.
  3. Re-purpose your content: Sometimes you create content, post it a few times and then no longer use it any more. Instead, think about re-purposing your content into other formats, such as infographics, video, memes, slideshows and competitions. If you have already spent the time doing the research, make it into something that could work across multiple platforms.

Work with Affiliates

  1. Partners in the Community: If your aim is to connect with the local community. Reach out to other businesses in the local area and see if you can team up to drive interest in your product. Cross promotion is a great way to tap into an already existing audience and community.
  2. Guest Post: If you are struggling with content to put on your own blog, you can also see if business partners, colleagues, or customers have any relevant content to post on your blog and feature them as well. They will likely share it amongst their followers on their own social media channel, which will in turn help to push your brand to their already existing audience.
  3. Use Influencers: with the growing influence on social media, there are many bloggers online that have large networks and followers. You could look at who is influential in your local area and assess if an affiliate marketing partnership would be cost-effective for your marketing.

Gear up your website

SEO: Review your keyword strategy. Are users still typing in the same keywords into Google? Does Google suggest any other keywords or content keyword topics you can write about as a blog. Analyse what competitors are in front of you in search for your target keyword terms and why? Think about where your audience is online and what online publications you need to consider as part of your online PR campaign.

Blogs: If you need to come up with a new strategy for your blog, take a look at what your competitors are writing about. Look at what is topical and what people are engaging with online. Think about your audience when you write a blog, is it something they would read, is it useful?

Ads: If you haven’t considered digital advertising before, look into social ads, display ads, PPC ads, remarketing ads or all of the above! Each targets your audiences in different ways.

Analytics: Most of all, looking at what has worked well for you and doing some analysis on who your audience is will help you to determine your strategy. Make sure you have tracking set up correctly on your website so you can properly analyse what marketing efforts are working for you.

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