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It’s not just staff training that we take seriously, we have also developed client training sessions across various areas of the business. These include ‘cracking social media’, ‘what is a case study’, ‘the power of LinkedIn’, ‘crisis management’ and ‘understanding the media’.


We believe in the power of knowledge and take great pride in sharing ours to help develop others. As members of the PRCA we take time to ensure we are up to speed on our own learning so we are ready to adapt as the media landscape changes.

LinkedIn Training

The objective of our LinkedIn training programme is to educate and empower your staff members to leverage their personal LinkedIn profiles effectively.

Additionally, the training will focus on guiding them in engaging with the company profile to enhance brand visibility, build professional networks and foster industry relationships.

Our session will cover:

  • Overview of LinkedIn and its significance in professional networking
  • Understanding LinkedIn’s features and functionalities
  • Introduction to its popularity and main user demographic
  • How to optimise your profile
  • Thought leadership engagement
  • Content creation

Crisis Communications Workshop

Do you know how to deal with the media in a crisis?  Do your staff?

Effective communication during a crisis can make the difference between resolving a situation and it spiraling out of control.

With over 20 years of crisis communications experience, responding to explosions, fires, floods, deaths on site, our Chairman Caroline Coskry will deliver the training which can be adapted to suit your business needs.

With our bespoke crisis communications workshop, you will discover:

  • What to do in a Crisis
  • When to say ‘no comment’
  • What journalists want
  • What to say in a response
  • Social Media & Policy

There will also be a session at the end with a crisis communications takeaway which you can use across the business.

Case Study Training

Do you struggle to get good case studies? With our case study training session we cover why case studies are important and the best way to work with customers to achieve them.

The session will cover:

  • Why case studies are important
  • What we are looking for from a PR point of view
  • How we work with the sales teams
  • Case study process and disclaimer form
  • Interviewing and the write up
  • Getting photography right
  • All the ways in which you can utilise your case study content

“A truly informative session on the ins and outs of navigating through the world of LinkedIn. Harriet created a great learning environment and shared some top tips to really maximise the opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer.”

Lee Hallman, Director at UK Business Mentoring Group


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