Oracle’s Top Picks of Property News Sites

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Like countless others, the property industry is one that is constantly evolving, with new schemes and updates regularly announced. In order to provide a responsive and detailed service to our clients, the team at The Oracle Group are always searching for the best news sources. Here, we explore our top property sites to keep up with:

  1. Property Industry Eye – Posting an average of 10 property news stories a day, Property Industry Eye provides a comprehensive overview of the UK housing market, frequently outlining new legislation and acquisitions. You can subscribe to their emailers to receive a daily roundup of their top stories.


  1. Property Reporter – Reporting on an average of 6 stories a day, Property Reporter allows you to subscribe and receive instant email alerts as and when the story is published. This is also a fantastic site to collect property specific data and statistics, as well as regular reporting on the current property hotspots.


  1. MyLondon – For any London-based developments, MyLondon is the go-to source for updated information on the best zones to buy in, house price changes and investment opportunities in the capital. There are also a host of DIY and interior tips on the website, ideal for feature pitching.


  1. Property Wire – Similarly to Property Reporter, Property Wire is a great place to find statistics and data reports covering property markets worldwide. For UK specific industry news, there are a feed of daily articles surrounding both residential and commercial developments, with extra information on the rental market and mortgage announcements.


  1. The Guardian – Although The Guardian reports on a range of news, their property specific section can provide some useful stats and is excellent at giving a brief overview on market announcements, such as the stamp duty holiday extension of the introduction of 95% mortgages.


  1. Property Investor Today – With a precise focus on investment opportunities, Property Investor Today looks at property portfolios, new investments and build to rent schemes. This gives a good regional overview of property activity in each area, allowing us to see construction plans around the developments we manage.


  1. Rightmove – After becoming a household name, Rightmove is one of the most trusted sites to gain property insights from. Their blog, together with the latest research and statistics, is regularly updated to reflect the current market and outlines a host of topics useful for press release writing, including moving patterns across the country, the impacts of the recent budget meeting and first-time buyer wants and needs.


  1. Zoopla – Similarly to Rightmove, Zoopla is a trusted site for homebuyers and researches alike, offering reports on a range of topics, most of which are accompanied by valuable stats. For insights into market growth, budget takeaways and the impacts of Help to Buy, Zoopla is the place to go.


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