Oracle’s top pick of 2020 Christmas adverts

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In a year like no other, the joy and magic of Christmas has never been more needed. As we find ourselves missing out on the usual festivities, heading into a holiday season that might not be all we are used to; the release of Christmas adverts is one tradition we can rely on. Confronting Covid-19 has been a hotly debated topic amongst marketers. This is evident in this year’s range of festive campaigns, with some retailers choosing to directly address the pandemic, whilst others have chosen escapism to a pandemic-free world. The team at Oracle have chosen their favourite campaigns of 2020, based on their creativity and message:


The John Lewis campaign has become an iconic feature of the countdown to Christmas. In a year of global turmoil, the importance to look out for each other and be kind has never been greater. John Lewis’ message to “give a little love” reflects exactly what society has learnt to place greater emphasis on during 2020. This is shown in a series of sweet gestures of ‘love’ between characters, whom are all interlinked, reminiscent of the famous lyrics from John Lennon “all you need is love…”.


In a similar theme to John Lewis, Tesco has chosen to base their message on the hardships and difficulty felt by everyone this year. Their amusing message features a number of pandemic mishaps that many of us can relate to! Whether you may have bought too much toilet rolls or skipped home-schooling, Tesco assures us there is no ‘naughty list’. This is in light of the difficult year we have all been through, capturing the imaginations of children whilst also being light-hearted and relatable to everyone.


In three parts, the Sainsbury’s campaign features several phone calls between different families as they reminisce about past Christmas gatherings. The first of these is ‘The Gravy Song’, as a father and daughter discuss the famous family gravy, a Christmas tradition they both treasure. Incredibly heart-warming, their thoughtful campaign evokes viewers own memories of their favourite Christmas traditions, encouraging the escapism mentioned earlier to a pandemic-free world.


Powering through 2020 in the most unprecedented adversity we’ve ever known, the message that ‘the show must go on’ resonates with many. Amazon’s campaign features a young ballerina who is devastated to find out her performance she has worked so hard for is cancelled in light of coronavirus. Showing an adaption to the ‘new normal’ we have all experienced this year, the ballerina’s younger sister decides ‘the show must go on’ and plans a surprise opportunity for the performance to take place. Made possible by products from amazon, the touching message of this advert reflects the ever-relevant mantra that ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’.


The LEGO campaign inspires creativity as it shows the world according to the wild imagination of children, to an adapted version of the song ‘what a wonderful world’. As the children sing about what they have constructed, their LEGO creations are depicted in real life. With parents joining in too, we are reminded that no-one is too old to have fun and let their imagination run wild, creating ‘a pretty cool world’.


So, what’s your favourite advert?