Oracle’s Top Award Tweeting Tips

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Anticipation for any awards ceremony is created by the media and specifically social media, which plays a massive part in drawing attraction and attention, in the lead up to and during the event. Twitter provides an excellent social platform to reach out to your intended audiences, as well as create engagement on and leading up to the day.

Live tweeting winners as soon as they are announced creates a buzz and provides your followers with instant news. We work with and tweet for a number of leading industry awards ceremonies and events, including our most recent, The National Housing Awards 2019 (NHAs).

The key to successful tweeting is planning and preparing a strategy. It sounds obvious but in order to successfully tweet at the NHAs, we had to establish the intended audiences, content and overall goal. Did we want to increase awareness? Increase entries? Gain followers? Each required a targeted and varying strategy to ensure top results.

In order to maintain the ‘buzz’, it was important to consistently tweet leading up to the awards. Asking the audience questions, highlighting significant dates and tweeting visually appealing images and GIFS was a fantastic way of engaging with the current and new followers. Building anticipation and excitement ultimately resulted in more engagement and interaction.

It’s equally as important to engage and interact with your audiences on the day as well as leading up to the event. Encouraging attendees to use the correct hashtag when tweeting their pictures and content throughout the day was a great way of following the engagement as well as reaching out to more people. Competitions that involve tweeting the host account are also a brilliant way to work the room and create more engagement. For example, at The National Housing Awards, we encouraged people to take a photo in a printed branded Instagram frame.

Live tweeting is a lot of pressure but there are ways of simplifying it for yourself. Prescheduling tweets is a solution to the panic of typing up all the content live. We can produce creatives to post on the day and schedule these in the order that the awards will be read out. This way, on the day we are prepped and ready to go!

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