Oracle supports the UK’s first Build To Rent Week

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We have been busy behind the scenes working alongside Love To Rent in preparation of the first customer awareness week for the build to rent industry.

The popular portal was designed by industry expert Anne-Marie Brown, to help customers understand the benefits of renting a build to rent home. Last December Anne-Marie called on the government to provide a minister for renting to support millions of tenants across the country by calling for the appointment. In the letter, co-signed by industry names including Arcadis, Folio and Hera, Anne-Marie called for the formal appointment to “oversee and raise standards for millions of people currently in rental accommodation, much of which is not fit for purpose and to enforce standards on landlords who do not comply and to encourage and play a part in the growing build to rent sector which has the ability to improve lives for the future.”

At the same time, Anne-Marie decided an awareness week would be the perfect platform to continue to raise awareness of renting.  The week runs from 24th to 28th May and will start with a customer-focused video that showcases ‘Renting…but not as you know it’.  To support the week, we will be running the social media campaign, focusing on a variety of themes from ‘pet friendly homes’ to ‘family homes in the suburbs’.  We will also be helping to dispel some myths around the rental model.

A dedicated website has been developed for the week where BTR operators can promote developments, case studies, videos, incentives and any events planned for the week.

Anne-Marie Brown, Founder of Love To Rent said: “Our aim is to connect with the public, raise the profile and provide information about what Build to Rent is and why it is different from private renting. We are working alongside the UKAA and BPF as well as a host of operators; including Allsop, Simple Life, Folio, Fizzy Living and Platform_ to create a marketplace for Build to Rent properties that customers have confidence in. This will also gain further recognition from decision makers that BTR is both a viable and growing part of the sector.”

Caroline Coskry, CEO of Oracle said: “It feels like renting remains a dirty word within the industry, a bit like where shared ownership used to be.  The rental model has changed significantly and there is more flexibility with assured shorthold tenancies now.  We need to get past the stigma of renting and address it as a lifestyle choice rather than a steppingstone to buying a property.  We are delighted to be involved with Love To Rent and supporting this growing part of the industry that seems to have been left behind.”

If you would like to get involved this year, please contact