Oracle Goals for 2022

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Life continues to be very busy at Oracle HQ with a flurry of new business wins and new employees which is great news so early in the year.  We are delighted to have welcomed our new Chief Development Officer, Clare Sanderson, who is responsible for driving the business forward and searching out new opportunities.

To ensure our business aligns with our strategy we have five very clear objectives for the senior team for 2022.

  1. Oracle presence in regional hotspots

As our client portfolio expands across the UK, we have embarked on a project to source experienced PR professionals to work remotely in other parts of the country, ensuring we have the scope to deliver successful PR campaigns, countrywide, not just in the South East of England.

  1. Expand social media and marketing teams

We are working with an increasing number of clients to deliver thoughtful and engaging social media content.  With this in mind, we have taken on two new members of staff to continue our drive to produce creative and targeted campaigns.

  1. Training, training, training

We are making this our motto for 2022!  Knowledge is power and we will ensure our newbies understand our clients and how we work at Oracle.  What sets us apart from other PR businesses is that we deliver on our promises and we are fast – ask any property journalist and they will tell you Oracle responds first.

  1. Give people more time to think and be creative

This is the easiest one to forget when the inbox just keeps on filling up and you are permanently being reactive rather than proactive.  Working from home on occasion definitely helps with the creative process.  We are actively encouraged to take meetings out of the office – away from the phone and interruptions.   Time for headspace allows creativity and promotes staff wellbeing – what better goal is there this year!

  1. Listen, listen, listen

A Greek philosopher, Epictetus said: “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”  We actively try to listen, really listen, to what clients or colleagues are asking for.

The senior team has also had some training on ‘active listening’ which is even harder to accomplish and we are planning on rolling this out to the whole business – no one ever missed out in life because they didn’t listen enough…..