A great PR opportunity for By Design

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Just occasionally in our line of work, we are given a golden PR opportunity.  This happened just three months ago when By Design approached us to craft a story on a historical home.

Not only was the house stunning – a Palladian-style country mansion, dating back to the mid 17th century – it had the most beautiful story.  Connecting the life of best-selling author, Richard Adams, who penned the inspiring story of a band of bunnies, to the country mansion.

Adams was billeted at Longhills Hall during WWII and his inspiration for the book came from the rabbits that were also resident.  The notorious characters came from his fellow officers, and the book is deemed quite chilling compared to the gentle narrative of a modern-day children’s story.

Indeed, Adams only put pen to paper much later in life when he would make up stories for his children and as the story goes it was these offspring that encouraged him to write Watership Down on paper.

So back to PR.  We were given the chance to tell the story of this incredible home that had been put on the market and worked with the By Design team to get the details correctly formed on a press story.

It wasn’t hard to decide where to pitch this story – it had The Times written all over it and we were thrilled to secure a double-page spread in Bricks & Mortar back in the summer.

Soon after this, we pitched the story to MailOnline – which was equally happy to share this lovely historic home and story.

Now if only every home was as glorious and had a tale to tell. But most homes do have a story and our job is discovering what that might be.  Our housebuilder and housing association clients rely on us to unearth the stories of their buyers, who are often just starting their home ownership story.  And they generally haven’t written a world-renowned best seller – but for Oracle, every homeowner has a tale to tell.  It’s our job to seek out those stories and know where they will fit in today’s crowded media landscape.

We will never turn away a story – however small it may seem to one person – this could be the tale that changes somebody’s life.  And that’s what makes our jobs so incredibly interesting.

We would like to thank By Design for allowing us to be part of their continued story as we promote their exciting business proposition for independent estate agents as well as interesting homes through proactive PR and social media.