Learn How To Leverage LinkedIn With Our Workshop

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As the social media platform with the longest tenure among active users, LinkedIn stands out as a powerful tool for networking in our industry. In 2022, the platform experienced a remarkable 22% increase in engagement, signalling a renewed interest in its potential.

We recently delivered a ‘Leveraging LinkedIn’ workshop with Sovereign Housing (now SNG

LinkedIn’s ‘Creator Mode’ is emerging as a game-changer for property and construction professionals. Unlike traditional modes that focus on building connections, creator mode enables you to grow followers who are genuinely interested in your expertise and authority.

Recognising this trend, we’ve launched ‘Leveraging LinkedIn’ workshops to guide housing professionals in fostering a community around their personal brand. Viewing LinkedIn as an asset for both individual professional goals and broader business objectives, these workshops provide practical insights for navigating and optimising their profiles as well as supporting a wider communications strategy.

The cornerstone of success on LinkedIn lies in authentic communication. Our training sessions prioritise this by sharing exemplary posts and illustrating how personal narratives can outshine overtly promotional content.

In addition, we guide you in effective engagement with your audience, so you leave the workshop feeling more empowered in connecting more naturally with your connections.

Our workshops are designed for both beginner and advanced LinkedIn users and are tailored to their specific department, such as sales, marketing or land acquisition.

To book a training workshop for you and your team, contact our social media director, Harriet Bolt via harriet@oraclepr.co.uk