Keeping customers happy, the Oracle way

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Customer service is always at the forefront of our minds at Oracle. It stands proud in our company values to be ‘passionate about our promises’ – We are reliable, we act with integrity, and we keep our promises, so we consistently deliver results.

In our latest Oracle insights, we met with Richard Daver, Group CEO of Rendall & Rittner and newly appointed board director to Odevo to discover why Oracle remains the agency of choice after 11 years.  We also asked our Chairman, Caroline Coskry to share the secret to such a successful relationship.

Why do you continue to hire Oracle?

RD:  Oracle have both a detailed understanding of our sector together with our business and how we operate.  The team works with us to ensure our goals and objectives are met and have a proven track record of proactively responding to our requirements.  The senior team have an oversight of what is going on and are always fully up to speed, ensuring they make themselves available when required, particularly in a crisis!

What makes Oracle different from other agencies?

RD: They are sector specific, so they really do understand the challenges we have across the sector.  Together with this, they are very well known within the property industry and have helped us along the way by introducing us to new contacts.  It has been great to work with the team over the last 11 years as we have grown together, and they therefore have an incredible knowledge of our business and where we have come from.  We have a great relationship with Caroline too and are delighted to see the continued success of Oracle.

Have you ever had any difficult moments?

CC: I think it is fair to say every account has its challenges now and again but what I love about the team at Rendall & Rittner is their willingness to hear our voice.  They trust us as their advisors and even if it’s not what they want to hear, they listen.

What does success look like in respect of the client / agency relationship?

CC: Access to senior staff has been key and at Rendall & Rittner, there are no limits, everyone is on hand immediately to help.  This makes it so much easier, particularly in a crisis; we don’t always have access to senior board members so the fact that Rendall & Rittner always make time available in that respect helps us to really get under the skin of the business and strategy.

What has been your favourite moment?

CC: Watching the growth of Rendall & Rittner over the years has been wonderful, along with celebrating their continued awards successes.  To achieve so much in a short space of time needs a lot of hard work and teamwork which they clearly have in abundance.  Overall, they are a really fun team to work with across the business and they all seem to have the same ethos which I believe is down to some excellent leadership and focusing on staff training & development.