If you want to be included in the conversation, you can’t sit on the fence!

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Thanks to our close contacts within the property press, journalists regularly ask us for our client’s comments, views and opinions on current industry issues. Sometimes the comments need to be turned around really quickly so that the journalist can immediately respond to the news agenda of the day, and sometimes we are given a few days to return the information. Many clients deliberate about whether to share their opinions on industry matters, but if you want to be positioned as a leader in any sector, it pays to be the person who airs honest, well-informed opinions.  If you don’t, it’s likely that someone else will.

We’ve had plenty of experience with this at Oracle.  Recent examples include a last-minute request from national newspaper The I, who gave us two hours to turn around a comment around on a political issue and a leading trade magazine wanting lengthy commentary on a sensitive industry issue.

Clients vary on their view of tackling these tricky topics and each request needs to be handled with care.  One client was so happy to share its view that it resulted in a regular column for a regional newspaper –positioning them as a leading expert locally and ensuring he had a significant share of voice against competitors.  Inevitably, these views weren’t always shared by everyone and many clients are understandably reluctant to be controversial.

We’d always advise weighing up the pros and cons of each opportunity but overall, the benefits of providing a considered opinion, supported by facts and knowledge, can be quite considerable.  Firstly, it presents an opportunity to build a relationship with the journalist and the publication, which could lead to future opportunities to create good quality press coverage.  Secondly, and most importantly, it demonstrates the experience and wisdom of the speaker and his or her business, which will ultimately be read throughout the industry by numerous stakeholders.

Making your voice heard can lead to new business opportunities from new and existing clients, help attract new employees and provide great marketing opportunities across a range of platforms, increasing your SEO and social media content.

Maybe next time think twice before saying no?