How to raise your profile in 2020

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Do you want to expand your business opportunities through your LinkedIn profile? Or be seen as more of an industry authority or thought leader? With over 660 million users, LinkedIn is the ultimate networking site to gain connections, promote your personal brand and share exciting industry news and accomplishments. Raise your profile and potentially open up new and exciting doors in 2020 by improving your own personal LinkedIn profile.

Firstly, make a good first impression! Ensure all your personal information is up to date, select an appropriate and professional profile picture, cover photo and optimise your headline.

Secondly, be specific. When filling out your work experience and accomplishments to date, use fun and engaging expert buzzwords to differentiate your profile from the next person’s.

Boost your profile’s visibility. Creating a custom URL so that you can be found easily is a good idea. Add in relevant keywords in the ‘Skills and Endorsements’ section for keywords related to your role such as ‘Marketing’, as showing a wide skillset will enhance your profile.

Be proactive. An approach which I have learnt to be essential when working in PR. Now your LinkedIn profile is complete, joining groups and engaging with relevant content or industry news is a great place to start!

Keep checking in. Unlike writing a CV, which we all forget about updating until it’s time to apply for a job role, utilise your profile as you would Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Keep updating your profile with projects you may be working on and if you’ve worked closely with a new connection, ask for a recommendation.

Don’t be a lurker! Instead of just hitting that ‘like’ button; engage with clients, your company page and people you work with on a daily basis to show you are engaging in a virtual dialogue with others on the platform.

Now that you have more knowledge on how to effectively set up your LinkedIn profile, you should be ready to start building your online presence! For more information on digital marketing and how we can help you, please email or click here.