How Do You Feel About Media Interviews?

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Being interviewed by a journalist can be daunting, especially when representing your company. Often, ensuring the journalist reports on what you want them to publish can seem like a trick of the trade, and you’d be correct.

With expert input from professional media trainers, Oracle can help prepare your staff for contact with the media, be it radio, television or the press, helping them to take control of any interview and get their message across.

From learning how to handle difficult questions and gaining confidence to getting the right message across, media training is a fantastic opportunity to learn directly from a successful journalist, who has trained some of the most notable names on television.

Oracle has received some great feedback from media training sessions:

“A very good reminder of how to take control of an interview and ensure you get your message across.”

“Increased my confidence and gave me some really good pointers; I felt my skills improved a lot over the three hours, very hands on, excellent trainer!”

Handling the difficult side of social media

When it comes to handling social media accounts, balancing both the positive and negative feedback is the key to its success. Especially when it comes to social media; more people tend to shout if something upsets them, but rarely speak if something delights them. Never underestimate social media users, they are savvy, they know they can get your attention especially if it’s negative.

Here at Oracle, we manage social media accounts on behalf of our clients, advising especially when it comes to customer complaints. We follow three simple steps:

  • Be quick to acknowledge
  • See it from their point of view, discussing outside of the spotlight
  • Informing customer service so the issue is resolved quickly

The bonus step is that if a problem is resolved, the user will then be more likely to say something positive, influencing other users that and showing you are a considerate company!

For more information about getting your company spokespeople media trained, email