Five business content concepts

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Thinking of content for your business sometimes seems impossible, but there are some quintessential ideas to follow. Dependent on what your team does, most of these suggestions will help you and your colleagues transform your social media into ‘Business Goals’.



1. Meet the Organisation.

This may come to some of us as second nature, whereas others might sweep it under the rug. A meet the team photo or video, which describes who works at your organization and what they do, is a necessity for any company! People want to know who they’re working with and what they look like in a new, fun and fresh approach. Creating a TikTok is the best form to show off how amazing your organization is.


2. Utilise awareness days.

World Napping Day (14/3/21) and National Doughnut Week (7-14/5/22) are bizarre, however, you can take advantage of these awareness days/weeks more than you would think… For instance, on World Coffee Day (1/10/22), you could have caffeine and cake with all your team and take some photos or video content. Doing things like this also doubles as team-building activities and time for everyone to get to know each other. Another example to consider if you’re ‘The Boss’, is Employee Appreciation Day. It would certainly be something to celebrate. Let everyone leave an hour early or take some employees out for lunch to show your gratitude to them. Don’t forget to capture the moment with some photos or videos you can share on your social media.


3. The Office Tour.

While some offices aren’t the most glamourous, and others are masterpieces, use these spaces to your convenience, they’re there for a reason so show them off! You can do this in photo or video form, a simple walk around in 5 minutes, conditional on the size of your office/space. It will intrigue your audience to see what your workspace looks like. After all, a lot of the population is very nosey!


4. Meet our pets.

Love them or hate them, over 44% of Brits have at least one pet. People adore animals and their sometimes-obscure behaviour and I assure you that showing your audience the ‘office animals’ will go down a treat. Depending on your working environment, bring some of the work dogs in for the day (if allowed) and create some content with them! Such as, ‘the perspective of an office dog’ or ‘what the office dogs are thinking about’.

*WARNING* Work requirements may not be completed if dogs are present.


5. A Day in the Life.

Day to day, what do you do? For people who don’t work in your specific sector, I’m sure they may ask a lot of questions. Show your audience what happens in your day. Getting up, making a coffee and checking your emails may seem like the obvious for most jobs, but do you do something else like visiting building sites, creating social media content. Film your day, people love it!