The Oracle Group’s digital marketing top tips

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The Oracle Group’s Top Tips for effective Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has and will continue to change as the online world grows. However, the one thing that won’t change for businesses is the importance of having an online presence. In fact, the need for having a well-planned digital marketing strategy will only increase. We look at four top tips that will help optimise your online results and increase the effectiveness of your digital activity.

Keep your SEO up-to-date
Considering the ever-changing digital world that we live in, we are bombarded by constant updates with different movements, tendencies and new information on the digital front. One of the more regular changes that we need to be on top of is in search engine optimization. This is because the leading search engine, Google updates its algorithms over 100 times a year! Taking this into account, it is essential that we proactively update our SEO in a bid to guarantee that our website will appear at the top of online searches; effectively reaching our target audience.

Be Consistent with Your Company’s Visual Brand
Content may be key, but so is consistency. Your brand must be central to your business and should determine the fashion in which you communicate too. Should you be using brand-specific colours only? Do the fonts you use correlate to your brand? These are questions you should be asking when creating content for your social media accounts and website. By maintaining a consistent use of colours, fonts, graphics and even image styles, you are essentially reinforcing your brand and giving your audiences an effective way to recognise your business – Which can work as a brilliant competitive tool when operating online. Afterall, consistency is key.

Create a Blog for Your Website
Having a blog on your website can give you the opportunity to share your expertise with your target audience. This offers your readers some true value while opening the means to broadcast your posts across social media to generate traffic back to your website. In addition, implementing a blog onto your website is a fantastic way to enhance your search engine optimisation, providing you integrate keywords into your posts. Google favours sites that regularly produce fresh, original content. So, this is a great reaction to keeping your SEO up-to-date as we’ve mentioned above.

A blog can also allow you to collaborate with other bloggers/influencers, which can work a treat when it comes to link building strategies – having your link on external websites (e.g. blogs, directories, e-shops etc.)

Capture Email Addresses
If you have a strong website with call to actions that capture customer’s email addresses, then your digital strategy is one step closer to success. Thankfully, we can create pop up forms, or less intrusive options that request names and addresses which we can then use for email marketing purposes; providing the correct GDPR regulations are followed. However, we need a driving force for visitors to accept such a call to action. After all, they are giving us something extremely valuable. So, if we can give these users some form of value, we are closer to achieving such data. This could be newsletters, daily industry round-ups, competitions or even discount benefits.