Oracle’s Top Tips for Digital Marketing Success

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Digital Marketing has transformed from an optional factor to a critical ingredient for any company’s success in 2019.

Did you know there are over four billion internet users globally, and more than 3.4 billion active on social media? Yes, these increasing figures are astonishing, but what’s more surprising is how diminutive digital marketing is practised among several organisations today; including the most prominent competencies such as social media, SEO, content creation and email marketing.

Whether you’re a small business or a larger organisation, digital marketing provides benefits such as reaching a larger audience than traditional channels and creating an easier way for customers to learn about a product and make a purchase.

We could make a never-ending list of why companies struggle to hop on this crucial bandwagon of digital marketing. Perhaps it’s the fear of breaching GDPR or misunderstanding the full benefits of an online presence. However, the primary reason lies in confusion towards how to use it effectively. Therefore, we discuss three top tips to improve your digital marketing efforts in 2019:

  1. Know your target audience and relate to them

Simply writing about your product or service isn’t enough. First, you must understand your current and potential customers. A great starting point is to collaborate with the sales team as they’ll have a good idea of who your customer is and their different purchasing stages – this will help tailor messages specifically to them.

Now that you know who your customer is, you can begin to shape messages around their needs and interests through social media and website content. For instance, if a residential developer in London is targeting young professionals looking to buy a new home, they can promote easy access to transport links and the simplicity of maintaining the home – this connects with the target audience’s needs and wants.


  1. Incorporate SEO into your content wherever possible

According to Junto, 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. In other words, the vast majority of users will use Google (81.5%), Bing (5.29%) and other search engines (12.52%) to find a product and business. Therefore, the significance of practising SEO should never be overlooked. When writing a blog, you should ensure that SEO is incorporated. This includes the following practices:

  • Include target keywords: these are the terms that users will enter to find you. Ensure your title and copy includes a moderate amount of these terms
  • Incorporate internal links: if you mention a previous blog or another webpage, link those words to it
  • Share, share, share: the more presence your link has on external webpages, the more it will benefit your SEO efforts. Social media is an effective (and free) way to share your blog


  1. Be proactive, not reactive

The realm of social media can be dangerous but full of great opportunities to achieve your goals. In order to remove the dangers and seize its openings, you must be proactive and prepared. Below is an example of a danger and opportunity:

Danger – Angry customers

Whether they’re dissatisfied with a service or an opinion infuriates them, users often take to social media to complain. You must be prepared to handle a complaint in a timely and appropriate fashion. Learn how to respond to negative feedback on social media.

Opportunity – Awareness days

From New Home Owner’s Day to Mental Health Week, every day of the year has a significant awareness topic. These are great opportunities to increase your reach and to communicate to an already-engaged audience by relating to the specific day. By creating a calendar full of relevant topics to your offering, you’ll be prepared to create content for these events.

Remember to include relevant hashtags and connect your key messages to the awareness day in a positive fashion!


Now that you have more knowledge on how to effectively practice digital marketing, you should be ready to start building your online presence! For more information on digital marketing and how we can help you, please email or click here.