Working with stakeholders in Coventry for a ShopMobility Handover

The Aim
To celebrate the handover of the first amenity being delivered by The Hill Group in Coventry, The Oracle Group was tasked with organising an event with stakeholders.

Picture by Simon Hadley/


The Project
The Hill Group, in partnership with Shearer Property Group and Coventry City Council is undertaking £450 million mixed-use development in the heart of the city.  Once complete the landmark regeneration scheme will transform Coventry’s city centre, creating a pedestrian-friendly residential, shopping and leisure hub positioning the city firmly as a leading destination within the West Midlands.

The team has been collaborating with the construction and delivery teams in Coventry, as well as the communication teams at Coventry City Council and Hill to streamline press activity and communications.  Our goal is to secure a positive narrative both within Coventry and more broadly across the Midlands.

The first amenity to be delivered as part of this transformation is the ShopMobility unit. This marks a significant milestone as the facility has been relocated from its original location in an old building that will be demolished this year.  We were responsible for coordinating the event, including liaison with the council, ShopMobility staff and suppliers.

Leveraging the positive relationship with the local media, we contacted local papers and radio stations prior to the event.   As a result, BBC West Midlands and Coventry Live attended, interviewing The Hill Group’s Managing Director, Andy Fancy.

Zoe Murzell and Viv Onslow had an early start, arriving in Coventry by 7 am on the day of the event.  They were rewarded with a beautiful sunny day in a city steeped in so much history.

The BBC reporter shared stories of Coventry during the war and the industrialisation, highlighting how the city’s industry turned it into a hub for engine parts and munitions production during World War II. He also recounted the devastating bombing of Coventry on November 14, 1940, when  500 tons of high explosive, 30,000 incendiaries and 50 landmines were dropped in just a few hours.  During this night of terror, the Luftwaffe destroyed just over half the city’s housing stock, obliterating more than 43,000 homes.

The handover itself was a huge success featuring speeches from the council, Hill, the newly appointed Mayor of West Midlands and the manager of the ShopMobility.  A ShopMobility user then cut the ribbon, officially opening the centre.  We secured a fabulous supplier for drinks and snacks, much to the delight of the facility’s clientele.

The recent appointment of Richard Parker, the new Mayor of West Midlands added to the morning’s activity, and by 2 pm Zoe and Viv had completed their mission.  They took a leisurely stroll around the city before heading home for a well-deserved glass of wine.

The Outcome
We had great feedback from the client with the MD texting to say thank you – ‘First Class as Always’. The staff at ShopMobility loved the event and asked if we could come every Friday! Coventry Live and the BBC took full advantage of the press release securing great local coverage of the event.