Case Study

Client: Home Builders Federation


New Homes Week 2022

Category: Campaigns

The Brief: For the fifth consecutive year, we worked with Home Builders Federation to publicise New Homes Week. The annual digital event brings together major developers to showcase the benefits of buying a new build home. Taking place in March, a key time for the industry, the digital event aims is to boost the market and our task was to introduce this homebuying option to a new audience and attract visitors to the New Homes Week website.

The Campaign: With potential buyers looking at their new home priorities following the pandemic and increased concerns about the environment and cost of living increases, the strategy behind our campaign was split into two parts: New Build Sense and New Build Bliss.

A digital campaign, New Build Bliss saw 7 lifestyle micro- influencers across the UK, that represented our target audience, bring to life the unbeatable feeling of buying a brand new home. These included a mum blogger from Bedford, who was looking to upsize to larger accommodation for her growing family, a new mum from Cheshire and a professional singleton from London.

Targeting locations near new Instagram friendly developments, each influencer visited a local show home, with one posting on their social media channels each day during the week-long event. Creating beautiful content in abundance, our influencers highlighted the elements of these show homes they genuinely loved and captured the ease, comfort and excitement new build home buyers experience.

With a growing number of new home buyers documenting their journey on Instagram and gaining impressive follower numbers, we also worked with the developer partners to encourage their own buyers to post about the features of their new home which they appreciate the most. With authentic insights into their own experiences, these mini-influencers posted a variety of stories from their efficient boilers and heating systems to their soft-close kitchen drawers and welcoming entrance halls, adding invaluable credibility to our New Build Bliss campaign.

This activity was strengthened with New Build Sense; research that tapped into the news agenda with a focus on climate change.