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Client: Harry's Hat


The Oracle Group Gifts New Brand to Hydrocephalus Charity

Category: Content Marketing

Hydrocephalus Charity Branding

When their youngest child, Harry was born with an Arachnoid Cyst – a rare condition called Hydrocephalus – Caroline Thwaites and Matthew Coates pledged to do something to create further awareness of the condition and raise money to help with funds for treatment.

To start the campaign, Caroline posted on LinkedIn about starting up a charity in Harry’s name and it just so happened that The Oracle Group’s CEO, Caroline Coskry read the post and offered to contribute to the charity by providing them with a brand.

The ‘HAT’ was an acronym for ‘Hydrocephalus Awareness Trust’ and Harry is essentially the face of the charity. We decided to go with bright and vibrant colours that would maximise brand recall.

Now that Harry’s Hat has been established, we’ll continue to work and support their branding efforts. This includes creating branded content for their social media profile and advising them on the best practice for a newly started charity.

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“The branding has helped us hit the ground running and we are delighted to have been chosen as the charity of the year for a local music festival. They commented on our amazing logo and said that the branding had impressed everyone and highlighted how far we had come in such a short period. We’ve also been able to set up a number of social media profiles and having the Oracle’s backing and knowing that I can contact them for advice has been wonderful. The Oracle Group is patient and always on hand to help which is amazing. We feel so lucky to have such great and genuine support”

Caroline Thwaites, Founder of Harry’s Hat