Case Study

Client: Storey Homes


Storey Homes’ Time Capsule Burial 2022

Category: PR

Creating a place in the history books for Storey Homes

The Aim:
The Oracle Group was tasked by Storey Homes to promote two of its current developments through events that would engage with the local nearby communities and demonstrate their passion for creating high-quality family homes.

The Project:
We negotiated partnerships with two corresponding local schools to create time capsule events at The Place and Bidwell Mews. Children from the schools filled time capsules with items that represent the current time and wrote letters which would illustrate their lives for the children of the future. With the wonders of children’s imaginations, the time capsule was filled with various coloured fidget spinners, an obligatory covid test and David Walliams’ most recent book.

Once the time capsules were complete, we organised for them to be buried at the developments, inviting local VIPS’s to come and join Storey Homes, the staff and children as the capsules were lowered into their resting place.

Each capsule was marked with a commemorative plaque which read ‘to be opened in 2092’, with the hope that some of the children that contributed would remain in the local area and as adults could witness the capsules being re-opened in the future.

Dave Hodgson, Mayor of Bedford and Councillor Clare Copleston, Mayor of Houghton Regis were delighted to be involved in these significant capsule events, alongside stakeholders who had played a major part in the creation of the schemes.

The Result:
The two events were a great way to showcase the connectivity and community feel of the two developments and raise Storey Homes’ profile in the local area.  They brought together people of all ages from across the nearby areas and The Oracle Group secured local press coverage as well as features in the schools’ newsletters for parents to enjoy.