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Stakeholder Events Kitchener Barracks

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Kitchener Barracks VIP Event

The Oracle Group was tasked with supporting the launch and community engagement of TopHat’s debut development, Kitchener Barracks in Chatham.

Over 12 months, Oracle has successfully organised and managed several events on behalf of TopHat, raising the profile of the development amongst the local community and building relationships with key stakeholders.

Prior to the public launch of Kitchener Barracks, Oracle organised a VIP event with the Mayor of Medway as the special guest, along with other local councillors involved in the project and directors from TopHat. The Mayor of Medway cut the ribbon to the marketing suite and all guests were taken on an exclusive site tour. Following the event Oracle secured several pieces of local press coverage.

With Kitchener Barracks unique military history in mind, Oracle managed the sponsorship of TopHat at Medway’s Armed Forces Day. Over 300 people visited the Kitchener Barracks stand on the day.

To further engage the community and highlight TopHat’s commitment to preserve the military history at Kitchener Barracks, Oracle organised and managed an art installation of poppies, in honour of Remembrance Day. Oracle coordinated with two schools creating the poppies from plastic bottles and liaised with the Mayor’s office who unveiled the display. Oracle also created a video to be shared on social media explaining how to make the poppies and encouraging other members of the community to get involved. A photographer from the Medway Messenger attended the event and Oracle secured coverage in local press titles.