Positioning and Share of Voice Audits for The Hill Group

The Aim

In autumn 2023, The Hill Group engaged our services to complete a comprehensive positioning and share of voice audit. Our objective was twofold: to develop the client’s foundational pillars for strategic communications and to evaluate and benchmark Hill’s share of voice against its competitors.

Our research aimed to unveil strategic opportunities for growing their share of voice while providing a thorough analysis of Hill’s position in the market. The insights would be pivotal in shaping the client’s corporate communications and crafting a robust strategy to present the company’s areas of innovation and points of differentiation.

The research project included:

  • Internal opinions of senior leaders
  • Analysis to evaluate Hill and its spokespeople’s share of voice in the media
  • Interviews with a selection of high profile leaders from stakeholder businesses key to Hill’s success, such as housing associations, banks, and partners

The resulting report would serve as a cornerstone for the client’s external communications initiatives over the next 12-18 months.

The Project

In preparation for the extensive project, considerable effort was dedicated to creating two distinct sets of questions calibrated for internal and external stakeholders.

The internal interviews were to inform our understanding of key areas of communications and develop associated messaging, as well as to understand the perceived strengths and challenges of the business from an internal audience.

In addition to the internal interviews, a second set of questions was crafted for an external audience to gather perspective from outside the business, giving insight on how the business is viewed by the wider industry.

The interviews took place over several weeks, during which time we worked closely with Hill to develop an action plan that prioritised efficiency and minimised disruption for interviewees.

Simultaneously, using a robust methodology, we analysed Hill’s share of voice, a critical component allowing for the overlay of qualitative and quantitative data in the final report.

Following the conclusion of the interviews, data was compiled allowing us to correlate the information and commence the reporting process, showcasing the client’s strengths, weaknesses, and short and medium term communications opportunities.

The Result

Spanning 110 pages, the report provided extensive analysis and valuable insight from the interviews and media audit. An executive summary of the report was prepared for sharing with senior stakeholders.

Once complete our Chairman Caroline Coskry and Chief Communications Officer Zoe Murzell, delivered the extensive presentation to Andy Hill, the Group Chief Executive of The Hill Group, and their communications team.

The report was met with a positive response from the Hill team, with Andy Hill expressing gratitude and a desire to engage with the report’s findings.  It was evident that the depth of our work resonated well with the client and they acknowledged the value it would bring to the business.

We are confident the entire organisation will benefit from this extensive project and we are delighted with the outcome achieved for The Hill Group.  Taking on such a challenging and sensitive project on their behalf was a privilege and we are delighted to have delivered a report that will contribute to their continued success.

For other businesses that are keen to explore our audit services, please speak to zoe@oraclepr.co.uk or your account handler.