Promoting Hill’s Foundation 200 Initiative – Solohaus

The Aim

Since June 2021 Oracle has been fortunate enough to work alongside The Hill Group to amplify the narrative around SoloHaus.

SoloHaus is Hill’s Foundation 200 initiative, a £15 million pledge to design, manufacture and donate 200 modular homes to charities working in homelessness by 2025.

Oracle has been a key contributor in making SoloHaus a brand, a product that stands out and holds its own in the world of MMC.

The Project

SoloHaus was designed in collaboration with leading homelessness charities.  The modular homes are delivered to clients purpose-built, fully furnished, and equipped for a single person to move into straight away. The homes, which are built to last for at least 60 years, are highly energy efficient keeping costs low and are designed to Future Homes Standards, exceeding building regulations for energy efficiency and sound insulation.

The role that Oracle has played in this project has been extensive and it has been an honour to have been on the journey with Rory Lowings, Project Manager for SoloHaus and the team at Hill.

Oracle was involved in the initial launch of Foundation 200 at Westminster, where a SoloHaus was craned into the grounds of Westminster Abbey.  Members of parliament and journalists were invited to visit the Abbey and view the SoloHaus, allowing them to meet members of the Hill team and get under the skin of the project and the purpose.

Since then, Oracle has been involved in seven handovers of SoloHaus to charities and local authorities from Cambridge to Cornwall, as the homes have been delivered for the purpose they were originally intended. The SoloHaus units are now home to many people who have at some point, in their lives, been homeless and are grateful for a safe secure home with their own front door.

The first handover event was in Haringey where 33 homes were given to Haringey Council, supported by Citizen’s UK.  We organised the event with the communications team at Hill, we were joined by the BBC, Sunday Times, City AM, The Metro and Time Out amongst others which was an excellent turnout for a chilly autumn morning.  The attendance of journalists and an informative press release generated:

  • 30 pieces of coverage
  • Six journalists in attendance
  • 25 pieces of online coverage generated
  • 232K estimated views
  • 5 million audience
  • 11,800 engagements

Since Haringey, Oracle has organised a further six handovers with more underway.

Each involves building trust and a relationship with the local authority and charity partner involved in each scheme.  With each handover, Oracle has organised the event with a full project plan, timeline, photography, videography, refreshments, a branded ribbon and speeches.

The crucial part of the delivery is ensuring that all significant parties arrive at the right place, at the right time.  And then probably even more importantly to ensure that the handover runs on time which generally means getting a little bit bossy with the key speakers and politely dragging them away from whatever conversation they are having!

The Result

SoloHaus has not only created homes for many people over the past three years, but it has built Hill’s reputation as a trailblazer for modular homes and one who is prepared to make a significant contribution to the lives of others.

Oracle’s journey with Hill and SoloHaus has been a privilege. We have met some incredible and unforgettable people on this journey to get the SoloHaus story heard.

Since 2021 Oracle has generated:

  • 168 pieces of online coverage
  • 300 pieces of coverage
  • £1,398,066.00 AVE
  • 98 million estimated views
  • 73 billion audience
  • 68,300 engagements
  • 38 backlinks