Leveraging LinkedIn for Rendall & Rittner

 The Aim

Creating a presence on LinkedIn can be an invaluable opportunity to maintain clear communication with current clients and customers, as well as providing an opportunity to attract prospective clients and new employees.  We support Rendall & Rittner in the management of their LinkedIn profile, maintaining a consistent strategy that increases brand visibility and reflects their position as an industry leader.

The Strategy

With over a billion members on LinkedIn, it can be a challenge to stand out from the crowd when posting. In order to generate engaging yet relevant content, we seek to share content related to four key content pillars (promotional, culture, informational, and educational). We also incorporate a variety of content types including, polls, videos, and PDF carousels.

Reaffirming Rendall & Rittner’s brand identity, we have created clear templates that incorporate the company’s colour palette and create consistent and recognisable graphics. Appreciating the diversity of Rendall & Rittner’s audience on LinkedIn (from current and prospective employees to clients and residents), we also ensure that we are leading key industry discussions, whilst cutting through the jargon with a professional yet approachable tone of voice.

To maximise Rendall & Rittner’s LinkedIn performance, we appreciate the importance of working collaboratively to generate content. We regularly speak with members of the team to keep up to date with the latest news from the company, whether it be resident events, litter picks, or award successes. We also encourage everyone at Rendall & Rittner to use their personal LinkedIn accounts to share their news and views, providing a bank of content that we can then reshare from the main company page.

Understanding the power that people can have, in October 2023, we worked with the Rendall & Rittner team to organise an employee takeover event on the platform during a charity convoy with Ukrainian Action. Across three days, we shared regular first-person updates from those taking part, with much of this content being captured in a video diary format.

The Result

Showcasing the power of a robust LinkedIn strategy, Rendall & Rittner has accumulated over 17,600 followers. Posts published between May 2023 and May 2024 have generated 397,073 impressions and have received 53,144 interactions.

Content shared between the 20th and 22nd of October, during Rendall & Rittner’s convoy with Ukrainian Action, highlighted the power of sharing employee perspectives, receiving:

  • 1,717 clicks
  • 34,152 impressions
  • 12,865 video views

Commenting on the LinkedIn strategy, Guy Lambert, Head of Marketing and Communications at Rendall & Rittner comments:

“Oracle’s keen understanding of the evolving nature of social media ensures that our presence on LinkedIn continues to go from strength to strength. The team’s industry knowledge supports their ability to deliver relevant and consistent content that promotes our brand and our people. Oracle went above and beyond to get the message out over the weekend of our Ukrainian Action trip.”