‘Leveraging LinkedIn’ Workshop for Housing Professionals

In response to the rising engagement on LinkedIn, we recently delivered a ‘Leveraging LinkedIn’ workshop for Sovereign Network Group (SNG). This workshop delved into the nuances of utilising the platform as a powerful networking tool within the property and construction sector.

A highlight of the workshop was the exploration of LinkedIn’s ‘Creator Mode,’ recognised as a game-changer for professionals in our industry. This unique feature, distinct from traditional networking modes, focuses on cultivating followers genuinely interested in individual expertise and authority.

Our ‘Leveraging LinkedIn’ workshops are meticulously designed to empower housing professionals in building a robust community around their personal brands. The goal is to shift the perspective of LinkedIn from a mere personal networking platform to a strategic asset for both individual and broader business objectives. The workshops provide practical insights into optimising profiles and seamlessly integrating them into a comprehensive communications strategy.

The key emphasis throughout the workshop is on authentic communication. We showcase exemplary posts, illustrating how personal narratives can eclipse overtly promotional content. Practical guidance is provided on fostering effective engagement with the audience, ensuring participants leave feeling more confident in their ability to connect naturally with their LinkedIn connections.

Tailored to cater to both beginner and advanced LinkedIn users, our workshops are department-specific, addressing the unique needs of roles such as sales, marketing, or land acquisition within the property and construction sector.

For those eager to elevate their team’s LinkedIn game, our ‘Leveraging LinkedIn’ workshops provide a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s potential.

To explore how Oracle can tailor a workshop for your team, contact us at hello@oraclepr.co.uk