Influencer Collaboration for Sovereign Network Group

Social objective

Sovereign Network Group (SNG) needed a way to communicate the benefits of shared ownership and the excellent location of its development, Knights Quarter in Winchester, Hampshire.

Oracle initiated a strategic influencer collaboration to effectively convey the unique advantages of Knights Quarter, leveraging the reach and authenticity of a locally-based influencer to resonate with a younger demographic.

Our chosen influencer, @mum_abouttown (Daisy), a Winchester resident with a significant Instagram following, offered an authentic perspective on the development. Through a carefully planned day of activities in Winchester, including the famous Christmas market at the cathedral, we aimed to highlight the lifestyle appeal of living at Knights Quarter.

Content Delivery

Our social team opted for a UGC-style content format, shot on iPhones, to make the content appear more natural and fit in with Daisy’s usual posts. The content featured Daisy exploring the show apartment, highlighting its affordability and convenience, especially for single parents. The day included visits to some of Daisy’s preferred local spots, offering viewers a firsthand glimpse into the convenience and charm of residing near Knights Quarter.

Returning to the show apartment, we discussed the development’s Shared Ownership opportunities, introducing Daisy to the advantages as well as the incentives on offer for new homebuyers which included IKEA vouchers.

Daisy’s fun subsequent Instagram posts, used in collaboration with SNG’s Instagram page, surpassed her usual engagement metrics, reflecting the success of the influencer collaboration.

Reel Results

  • Views: 7,111
  • Likes: 156
  • Comments: 61
  • Saves: 11

These encouraging results showcase the effectiveness of leveraging influencers to amplify the reach and appeal of property offerings.

“The influencer collaboration to promote Knights Quarter was a successful venture for SNG, and I’m genuinely pleased with the outcome. The content produced with Daisy turned out great, surpassing our expectations. I look forward to exploring similar opportunities in the future as we value influencer marketing in targeting audiences authentically and creatively.” – Amy Wallis, Marketing and Brand Manager at SNG

At Oracle, we believe that leveraging influencer marketing plays a crucial role as part of a wider PR strategy. This project delivered for Knights Quarter serves as a tangible example of how influencers can authentically connect with audiences, providing an impactful way to communicate the value of Shared Ownership properties.

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