Are you ready for the Boxing Day property sales?

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Christmas campaigns aren’t just for the likes of John Lewis.  It’s been proven year after year that the peak period of online property searching is the down time between Boxing Day and New Year. Right Move recorded a huge 231% increase in traffic last Christmas whist Zoopla traditionally invest heavily in marketing to bolster increased interest during this period. When the turkey’s been consumed, presents unwrapped and everyone’s breathing a sigh of relief that the big day is over, there seems to be only two options:  relax in front of some traditional festive television or go online and start researching your next move.

In order to connect with this captive festive audience, a good place to start is to understand the triggers, so your messaging strikes the right chord and your team is motivated to start planning. Claustrophobia caused by an influx of visitors and cupboards stuffed with new gifts is often the catalyst and this year we predict this frustration is likely to be amplified.  Further fuelled by the stamp duty holiday and lockdown, the desire for more space over Christmas 2020, whether we are allowed a house full or not, will present marketing and sales opportunities for developers.  The temptation of new builds is further heightened as people re-evaluate their priorities in the quest to maximise leisure time with a practical and modern home.

Like everything Christmas related, getting as much done in advance is key.  So, ensure photography and websites are updated and show homes display their entertaining potential.  Digitally, regular scheduled organic posts on social media, targeted Facebook advertising and competitions that encourage followers to share your property details during this period will also maximise the festive opportunity.

Journalists also like to be ready for Christmas and knowing that their readers are in this frame of mind, they’re also looking for relevant content.  Property writers generally have everything filed well in advance, so they’re not working during the holidays. We’re already talking to our journalist contacts about this, so our clients have the best chance of being featured.

Like all the big brands, housebuilders should consider harnessing this festive feeling and investing in a Christmas marketing campaign.  We’ve got so many ideas to maximise this key time, as well as all the tools and knowledge to manage your Christmas press office and social media activity, so don’t leave it to the last minute.  Preparation is key and we’re here to help you sparkle!