A Millennial’s Guide to Twitter and How to Use It

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Twitter is an undeniably powerful promotional tool for your business, as it provides a great way to interact and build a strong rapport with your target audience as well as promote your goods and services.

But how should companies utilise the platform? There are multiple approaches to doing business on Twitter – how do you know which is the right one for you?

Know the Platform:

Twitter is a fast, real-time search engine “Twitter gives customers a chance to communicate directly and we gain product feedback,” explains Deskmate co-founder, Ashley Lockwood. It is often used for to-the-minute social commentary, breaking news, live-tweeting along with other users about TV shows (Love Island anyone?). That instant culture is an expectation for the platform, and that matters with how you position yourself. Certain types of account require more attention than others, so think about how engaged with the service you want to be. No one wants their requests for information about their order ignored, so if you’re a help page, you have to help! If you pop up every now and then with something funny, and a bit of an update, people will understand that a response to their Tweet might take a little longer.

Know Your Audience:

There are over 13 million Twitter users in the UK, and try as you might, it is hard to capture all of them. Who are you looking for? When creating your social media messages, you should have a description of your personas in mind as this will be different for every organisation and marketing strategy. Do they want formal or corporate wording? Can you post GIFs? Can you engage them with polls? Once you figure this out, planning a Twitter strategy will be a whole lot easier.

Know Your Approach:

Why are people going to follow you? Ask yourself: are you producing content that speaks to your personas’ motivations and frustrations? How are you helping your customers reach their goals? Whether it’s your next blog post or video, you need to keep in mind what your personas might be engaging with to stay topical.

This also means that fine-tuning your personas is an ongoing process. As you track trends and continue to ask questions, social listening and attention to detail will constantly keep you in the loop with what your personas want in order to position your tweets accordingly!


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