My Work Experience Week with The Oracle Group

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Demanding, engaging and exciting – these are just a few words to describe my work experience week with The Oracle Group.

I was warmly welcomed by many friendly faces from the moment I walked into their office. We started with a team meeting, where I was set tasks to complete and made to feel useful in this new and fast-paced environment. The tightly-knitted culture at The Oracle Group was evident to me from the team’s friendly and positive attitude – this created an extremely comfortable working environment. Everyone was willing to help and guide me through my allocated tasks, which also highlighted the importance of teamwork within PR.

I have thoroughly enjoyed everything the week has thrown at me and there was never a dull moment in the office. Every day provided a new and interesting challenge, enabling me to engage with my creative and innovative side. Being tasked with a range of activities – from researching for a communications plan and contributing to brainstorming sessions to blog writing and using Photoshop to create content for social media – has allowed me to gain invaluable, hands-on experience in Public Relations; as well as Digital Marketing and Events.

Here are the three most important things I have learned from my week at The Oracle Group:

  1. There is never a dull moment in PR

My week comprised of several activities, turning every hour into a valuable opportunity to gain experience. I have learnt a great deal of new skills for PR and also developed my soft skills such as multitasking and working under pressure to complete a task. Work experience has truly helped me decide if PR is the career for me – and it certainly is!

  1. Every day is different, be prepared for everything

No two days are the same here and there is something fresh to work on every day, which I absolutely love! I am constantly being faced with different challenges and have the chance to be constantly creating new ideas. This has helped me become more responsive and adaptable to any challenge I face.

  1. Lots of new PR jargon

At the beginning of the week, I wasn’t familiar with the abundance of property and PR jargon. This felt somewhat overwhelming, similar to when you learn a new language. However, the team helped me become adjusted to this terminology, highlighting just how important and valuable work experience can be!

My knowledge of PR used to be limited, but now I have developed a thorough insight and understanding into what life in the Public Relations industry is like. Not only this, but I have gained many new and transferable skills in all aspects of communications – this will be extremely useful for my future career. I am very thankful to Caroline and the team at Oracle for enabling me to gain this experience and for being so welcoming throughout my week.